Behind the Scenes: About a (Sustainable) Meal

A Backyard Farming Network in Brooklyn

At our Colloquium, The Culture of Climate Change, we are not only facilitating discussion on Climate Change issues, but also promoting sustainable living practices. We are thrilled to be talking the talk and walking the walk this year! Tomorrow, Friday March 11th, we are hosting a Sustainable Luncheon, kindly sponsored by Ame and Deena of Communal Table (advanced registration was required and ticket distribution is still on a first come, first served basis so please arrive at least one hour before the luncheon to claim your ticket). They were able to arrange a generous donation of locally sourced, responsibly and locally produced eggs from Brooklyn hens through Brooklyn Farmyards, a local consortium of agricultural urban backyards and compostable utensils and flatware to boot!

Christine Caruso will be giving a background on the Sustainable Luncheon through her presentation, “About a Meal” on Friday, March 11th from 12:00-12:30pm in the Martin E. Segal Theater before everyone breaks for lunch. Christine is currently a doctoral student in the Environmental Psychology subprogram at The Graduate Center. Her research has focused on community supported agriculture (CSA) in Queens, New York and she is currently working with multiple community partners to develop a Food Co-op in Western Queens. We were happy to catch up with Christine to ask her a few questions about her exciting presentation.

Christine, can you tell us a little bit about your presentation, “About a Meal”?

My presentation on Friday is entitled, “About a Meal” and will highlight the wonderful lunch being provided by Communal Table, while examining the relationship of food to climate change. Specifically I hope to highlight the multiple dimensions of food and sustainability and point out that it is a way for all of us to “choose sustainable” everyday.

Wow, attendees stand to learn a lot from your presentation. Can you enlighten us a bit on how Friday’s Sustainable Luncheon came to fruition?

Fresh Farm-Grown Vegetables

As far as organizing this exciting meal we are going to share, I have to acknowledge the amazing work of Ame at Communal Table for her vision, hard work and commitment to local and sustainable food. It is through her relationships with vendors that we will be able to provide this wonderful meal that will include sustainable items such as compostable plates and flatware, as well as eggs from Brooklyn! And while much work has been put into organizing this by many hands, I have to point out that it is through the tireless work of our food committee volunteer Ofelia that much of this has come together.

Be sure to check out Christine’s presentation, “About a Meal” on Friday, March 11th from 12:00-12:30pm in the Martin E. Segal Theater to learn more about our Sustainable Luncheon as well as learn about the many benefits of eating local, community food.

A HUGE thank you to our Food Committee and Communal Table for working together to make a Sustainable Lunch at the Colloquium this year possible!

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