website-profile-photoMonique Whitaker BA(Hons), MA (UCT), MA, PhD (CUNY) is a Lecturer in the School of Religion, Philosophy, & Classics (Philosophy) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Her doctoral dissertation, The C3 Conditional: A Variably Strict, Ordinary-Language Conditional, was supervised by Distinguished Professor Graham Priest (City University of New York Graduate Center) and awarded in June 2016. It provides a comprehensive account of the logical structure underlying the varied everyday usage of the ordinary-language conditional, using a novel possible worlds semantics.

Her current research focus is on the epistemology of ignorance, especially its application to the South African case. She also has research interests in the epistemology and ethics of technology; the metaphysics of modality; and women philosophers of the European Early Modern period.

Monique has a keen interest in the pedeagogy of philosophy, and has worked as a Writing Fellow to help academic staff to develop and improve their course materials and lecturing, and written and presented on strategies to help retain typically marginalised students in philosophy.

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