Welcome to the home of the Mexican East Harlem Digital Archive (MEHDA).

The MEHDA was an online photo and audio exhibit designed to showcase the presence of the Mexican community of East Harlem through and online photo and audio archive.

Unfortunately the accompanying images to the site were lost when Yahoo/Flickr terminated our user account which housed our galleries. The files will be reloaded when the originals are retrieved from an offline external hard drive that is stored in New York City. Please visit us again in the future.

For now you can read an accompanying essay which explores immigration into East Harlem and the formation of Mexican identity or “Mexicanidad” in El Barrio.

This project is a result of the participatory open online course “Reassessing Inequality and Reimagining the 21st Century: East Harlem Focus” please see our course website. The course ran through the Spring semester of 2014 and it was organized at the CUNY Graduate Center.