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THRESHOLES, Coffee House Press, 2020 

Press: BOMB, Los Angeles Review of Books, The New York Times, Harvard Review, The Believer, Triquarterly, The Paris Review

THRESHOLES is a training manual for grief and desire, for which no remedies exist except this one: running towards what will burn you up anyway, like a star. ‘How do you come back from that for which there are no words?’ Lara Mimosa Montes asks us, producing a new form of silence that does not, as even the most provisional form of sound must, decay. Instead, in this powerful and beautiful work, absence becomes an artifact, the only thing we get to touch. ‘I was there,’ as Montes writes, ‘and yet I have no memory of that performance.’ This is a line that moved rapidly through my own organism, like pink lightning, changing and charging my own cells. It turns out that this is the only thing I want from poetry, but I didn’t remember it until I read this book.” —Bhanu Kapil

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The Somnambulist, Horse Less Press, 2016

Press: The Bind, The Operating SystemScoutGlass Poetry

The Somnambulist, a no­‐holds-­barred monodrama, jolts the reader awake. Lara Mimosa Montes is a startling and powerful poet, who opts for vertigo, and whose greatest virtue may be her ability to perform flamboyantly while abstaining from histrionics—to recuse herself, with the exercise of a triumphant minimalism, from her own virtuoso spotlight. Braiding together numbness and desire, she brilliantly demonstrates, in the close-­‐miked fashion of a cabaret Maurice Blanchot, the weirdness of being a witness, a quietly divulging voice.” —Wayne Koestenbaum