Teaching Jean Anyon

The purpose of this collaborative visual/digital project is to compile a range of data and images (publicly available) that map/illustrate the links between schools, the political economy and social movement/organizing work that is taking place in places where Jean did her work and then to organize it together in a visually compelling way for the memorial at the GC.

I am envisioning something that is on a digital platform or a powerpoint slide show that people can look at in the lounge area outside of Elebash theater before and after the formal part of the memorial.

Please come to class on March 19th with at least 5 contributions that address any of the following possibilities for Newark and NYC:

  • minimum wage policy
  • anti-union legislation
  • school financing (how much funding per student)
  • educational organizing activities (e.g. a portion of that amazing video that Alan shared with us)
  • housing policy (taking over of public housing maps)
  • charter school maps, co-location of school maps, graphs of school closings, etc.
  • unemployment rates
  • examples of young people engaged in civic activism
  • a topic that you have identified from Jean’s work that connects schooling with the political economy that you might not have previously thought about.

For class on the 19th:  We will have a discussion about possible ways of presenting the information.  Please bring your lap-tops so that Kiersten Greene and Edwin Mayorga can talk everyone through uploading items you have brought onto our website and we can figure out next steps.

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