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Radical Possibilities

A poster for Radical Possibilities, Dr. Anyon’s most recent contribution to the academic canon, hung in her office. Radical Possibilities offers a structural theoretical lens through which to view education policy. Dr. Anyon connects education to other public sectors, such as transportation and housing, and offers a critique of education reform that has influenced the work of many scholars and practitioners throughout the education and public policy communities.  In the book, she calls for a new social movement that suggests community organizing as a way to bring about education policy change that offers a fair, just education for all students.

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Theory and Educational Research

Dr. Anyon inspired critical work in her students. She co-authored a book, Theory and Educational Research: Toward Critical Social Explanation, with Dr. Michael Dumas, Dr. Darla Linville, Dr. Kathleen Nolan, Dr. Madeline Perez, Dr. Eve Tuck, and Dr. Jen Weiss, that explores the use of using critical social theory in educational research. She proudly displayed a poster of the book’s cover in her office.

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