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70th Birthday

For Jean’s 70th birthday, students gathered with her to celebrate the momentous occasion, and created a book of letters to her, explaining how important her work, mentorship, and teaching meant to them — both as a collective and individually.

photo 5


2008-2009 Research Seminar

Each year, Dr. Anyon would hold an year-long, invitation-only research seminar. Throughout the year, she would be urge her doctoral students to consider categories of literature, affectionately referred to as “buckets.” These buckets would help shape the literature review that students would write up for their second doctoral exam. Students who went through this year with Dr. Anyon would often emerge transformed — feeling prepared to take on the task of writing a dissertation proposal and forging ahead with their research projects. These groups of thinkers, theorists, and emerging scholars shaped by Dr. Anyon’s mentorship would often become tightknit groups, as you can see here in the 2008-2009 academic year.



Over the years Jean had students up to her house in Hancock, NY. These visits included critical discussions late into the night over wine, trips to her favorite lunch and dinner places in the area, swimming in a lake nearby, trips to the best local antique shops, and meals with hearty laughter. These photos were captured on one such trip by Nabin Chae several years ago.