Aug 282014

Acclimate to New York

September 22, 2014 (Monday)

12:30pm-2pm Room 9204

Nicole Elden, Psy.D. and Aleksandra Rayska, M.A.

As an international student you bring unique and valuable experiences to your studies.  It is important to note, however, that you may also experience some unique stressors during your time at the Graduate Center. Many international students experience homesickness, loneliness, and difficulties with language on top of the academic stress most students experience. Some international students even end up doubting the talents that brought them here as they adjust to life in a foreign country.

We invite anyone who identifies as an international student and who seeks support and connection to Acclimate to New York, a workshop for international students. This workshop is designed to meet the needs of international students who are interested in working together to address some of the common difficulties facing them such as: adapting to a new culture, making new friends, learning a new language, and meeting the demands of academic life.

Dr. Nicole Elden is a Staff Psychologist at The Wellness Center’s Student Counseling Service and Ms. Aleksandra Rayksa is a predoctoral clinical psychology fellow.

Please note that no food or beverage will be allowed during this workshop.

**You must be a registered GC student to attend this workshop**  To register stop by the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services in Room 6422 to fill out a workshop application. The application has also been attached for your convenience, email and fax is acceptable.  For more information, please call (212) 817-8731.




Nicole Benedicto Elden, PsyD

Julie Ackerman, MS

It’s hard enough to manage the usual stresses of graduate student life.

If you are also a parent, juggling multiple responsibilities can be a real challenge.


This weekly group offers parenting support and starts in October 2014

(Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm)

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