Student-Recommended NYSHIP Providers


The information and ratings listed below are provided by students.
The DSC makes no claims regarding the accuracy of this information nor the quality of providers.

(Is there a NYSHIP provider you’ve been to that you can recommend?)

Important info:

  • All of these health providers were in-network with NYSHIP when they were recommended (unless entry is in red italics), but a provider may leave the network at any time. We recommend that you both check on the NYSHIP website, and with the doctor’s office as well, before every appointment to avoid any large, unexpected bills.
  • Even if a provider is in-network at one location, they may be out-of-network at another location. Make sure to check their in-network status only with the location at which you’ll be seeing them.
  • Always check that any tests your doctor orders go to an in-network lab. Just because your doctor is in-network does not guarantee that the lab they choose will be in-network.
LGBTQ-friendly providers/practices are listed in green.
Out-of-network providers/practices are listed in red italics.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy, Accupucture, Chiropractic)
Miscellaneous  (yoga)


General Practitioners

Krisczar Bungay MD Medical Primary Care 314 W 14th St New York, NY 10014 (212) 620-0144 LGBTQ-friendly 
Bruce Champagne MD Medical Internal Medicine 160 3rd Ave.
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-9091
Roya Fathollahi MD Medical Internal Medicide Concorde Medical Group
38 E 32nd St, 8th floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 684-4258 Recommended by current Officer for Health and Wellness, David Nagy.
Stuart Lewis MD Medical Internal Medicine 594 Broadway, Room 310
New York, NY 10012;
38 E 32nd St Fl 9
New York, NY 10016
(212) 219-8858

(212) 725-2660 (32nd st. office)

 –“Fabulous general physician, very close to the Graduate Center”
—Two student recommendations
Laurie Rice MD Medical Internal Medicine 55 E 34th St., 1st floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 252-6000
(212) 252-6131
—”Had good luck getting same-day appointments.”
—Two student recommendations
Rebecca Seigel MD Medical Family Practice 99 Division Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11249;
97 Amity St., 4th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201;
339 Hicks St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 599-6200
(718) 780-1948
Yolanda Tun-Chiong MD Medical Family practice 128 Mott St Suite 203 (212) 625-9080
Michael Zuckman MD Medical Internal Medicine 2605 23rd Ave.
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 278-1850
Stuart Folick MD Medical 3012 36th St
Astoria, NY
(718) 278-1850  -“Very warm and seems to genuinely care about his patients.”

– Expect to wait a bit if you have an appointment, though the wait seems to result from him really taking his time with each patient

Nina Sundaram MD Medical General Practice, Endocrinology and Metabolism 317 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016
212-726-7462 —“I see her for my Type 1 diabetes. She’s wonderful.”

—“She meets you where you are (metaphorically – you still have to go to her office obviously) with your care.”

—“She is friendly, matter of fact, and works with you to manage your diabetes. Highly recommended.”


* You don’t need a referral for specialists on NYSHIP (but you do for certain mental health services and for physical therapy—check the relevant benefit summaries).

Alexandra Fingesten MD Medical Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease 170 E End Ave.
New York, NY 10128;
55 E 34th St. 2nd floor
New York, NY 10016;
16the St. (at 1st Ave.)
New York, NY 10003;
10 UNION Sq. E
New York, NY 10003
(212) 870-9497
(212) 252-6066
(212) 420-2092
(212) 844-2000
David Avram, Marc Avram, and Rella Hartman MD Medical Dermatology Heights Dermatology and Laser115 1/2 Remsen St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 852-4646  Note: This chart had some mislabelling of doctors, and I am thus unsure which dermatologist from this practice was specifically recommended. -CT
Claudette Lajam MD Medical Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery 301 E 17th St 5 Fl
New York, NY 10003-380418005 Hillside Ave
Jamaica, NY 11432-4727
212-598-6500, 212-598-6322, 212-598-6205, 212-598-632718-526-6300
 Todd Linden  MD  Medical Gastroenterologist  594 Broadway, Suite 310,

New York, NY, 10012

 (212) 219-3210  “Amazing gastroenterologist”
Satish Govindaraj MD Medical ENT (Ear, nose, & throat) Dr. Govindaraj’s Mt Sinai website Out of network
But recommending student notes that, he is student-friendly in how he charges
Edward Fitzpatrick MD Medical Internal Medicine, Pulmonology 207 Prospect Park W
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 832-3200
Boris Ivkov MD Medical Internal Medicine, Cardiology 184 E 70th St, Level B1
New York, NY 10021
(212) 737-2270
Helen Karakelides MD Medical Internal Medicine; Geriatric Medicine 145 E 32nd St., 6th floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-4360
Maurice Rachko MD Medical Internal Medicine, Nephrology 160 Parkside Ave., Suite 1E
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(718) 282-7300
Patrica Hart MD Medical Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery 324 E 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010;
301 E 17th St., 5th floor
New York, NY 10003;
240 E 18th St.
New York, NY 10003;
303 2nd Ave., Suite 21
New York, NY 10003;
90-33 Elmhurst Ave.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372;
97 Amity St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201;
97-85 Queens Blvd.
Rego Park, NY 11374;
101-24 Queens Blvd., Suite A
Forest Hills, NY 11375;
14004 58th Rd.
Flushing, NY 11355
(212) 598-6321
(212) 598-1650
(212) 460-0142
(212) 598-7650
(718) 457-7000
(212) 598-1650
(212) 598-1650
(718) 275-2788
(516) 456-6924
Robyn Wolintz MD Medical Neurology 33 W 42nd St.
New York, NY 10036;
883 65th Street, Brooklyn
(212) 938-4001
(718) 283-7470
Raj Shrivastava MD Medical Neurosurgery Dr. Shrivastava’s Mt. Sinai website
 Jeffrey Spitzer  MD  Medical/Surgical  Opthalmology  1585 Pitkin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11212-4638

406 15th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-6054
20 E 46th St
New York, NY 10017-2417
 718-345-3004 (for Pitkin location)

718-832-2020 (for 15th st. location)

212-353-0030 (for Manhattan location)



Beth Israel OB/GYN MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology LGBTQ-friendly:
“I see Jacqueline Brown, but I have heard good things about Frasca and Matamala, and all these physicians are in-network, as is the lab they use These doctors are also queer-friendly and take their time with patients.”
Maria Betancourt MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology 148 Madison Ave., Suite 200
New York, NY 10016
(212) 532-1111
Kristine Chu MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology 55 E 34th St., 5th floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 252-6005
(212) 252-6123
Melanie Marin MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology 635 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 317-4541
Ora Pearlstein MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology Downtown Primary Care,
726 Broadway, Suite 351

New York, NY 10003
(212) 317-4541 LGBTQ-friendly
Luba Soskin MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology 38 E 32nd St. 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 683-3595
Deborah Shin MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology Website for Dr. Shin 212-579-6000  LGBTQ-friendly
Katrina Bradley MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
2 West 86th Street
(At Central Park West)
Ground Floor
New York, New York 10024;
330 W 58th St
Ste 310
New York, NY 10019;
St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital
1000 10th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(for 10th Ave location)
“My experience with Katrina has been limited to regular gynecological checkups, and I find her to be fantastic. She is thorough but quick. Very friendly!”
Kecia Gerlach MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology 68 Bayard St.
New York, NY 10013-4941;
822 54th St Ste LL
Brooklyn, NY 11220-3254;
139 Centre St. PH 120
New York, NY 10013-4559;
5618 7TH AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11220-3510;
212-226-5530 (for Bayard St)

718-686-6600 (for Brooklyn locations)

212-680-0548 (Centre St)

“My GYN appointment was a really pleasant experience: she explained every step she was taking and also talked to me about health choices I could make, without me ever asking: she seemed to enjoy talking about women’s health and was enthusiastic about it. Highly recommend!”
Josine Veca MD Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology Methodist Hospital,
263 7th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11215
718-246-8500 Good to go to for routine checkups, pregnancies, etc, in the Park Slope area
Michael Lewis MD Surgical Obstetrics and Gynecology Methodist Hospital,
263 7th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11215
718-246-8500 Recommended for surgical gynecology, like hysterectomies and myomectomies, in the Park SLope area
 Alison Ho  MD  Medical  Obstetrics and Gynecology  Lexington OBGYN

145 East 32nd Street, 11th floor
(btwn Lexington & 3rd Avenues)
New York, NY 10016

 212-686-8686 (Phone)
212-686-1920 (Fax)
757-606-3380 (Answering Service–please call office first during office hours)

Psychologists and Psychiatrists

June Feder* PhD Psychotherapy, PhD Abuse (Physical/Sexual, etc); Adult Therapy; Anger Management; Anxiety; Couples/Marriage Therapy; Depression; Dissociative Disorders; Domestic Violence; EAP General; Gay/Lesbian Issues; Grief/Bereavement; Mood Disorder; Personality Disorders; Phobias; Police/Fire Fighters; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Rape Issues 115 W 73rd St Apt 3D
New York, NY  10023;315 W 57th St Suite 410
New York, NY 10019
(212) 877-4935
Rosanna Murray LCSW Psychotherapy, LCSW
  611 Broadway Rm 529
New York, NY 10012
212-505-7386 LGBTQ-friendly
Oscar Rodriguez MD Psychiatry   First Avenue At 16th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-420-2688 LGBTQ-friendly
Stephanie Rosen Psy.D Psychology 255 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10014
917-687-6232 “She does not accept NYSHIP insurance, but offers a sliding scale for GC students that is the same cost as it would be if she were in-network. She understands Value Options, and deals with the paperwork”

*Dr. Feder accepts OptumHealth insurance. If you have NYSHIP insurance, please confirm before your appointment that she accepts the new carrier, ValueOptions.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy, Acupucture, Chiropractic)

* Remember, Physical Therapy requires a referral for—in the form of a prescription—from your doctor, or NYSHIP won’t pay for it.

Loren Fishman MD Medical Physical Therapy 1009 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10028OR: 1841 Broadway (on Columbus Circle), but patients must choose/remain with one office location only
(212) 472-0077
(212) 245-0911
Ann Duffy Medical Physical Therapy Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapy
75 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038
(212) 402-5430 Recommended by current Officer for Health and Wellness, David Nagy.
Jason Gromelski and Marivic Santos   Medical Physical Therapy NOLA Physical Therapy
2 W 45th St, 2nd floor
(212) 840-6652 Out of network
But recommending student notes that, “They will arrange everything for you, and you’ll only have to pay the $10 copay, as if in network.”
Josephine Huang MD Medical Acupunture 110 Lafayette St Suite 601 (212) 226-1211 Recommended as charging just a $10 co-pay
Tammy Bohné Medical Chiropractic
Deidre Finn Osteopath Physical Therapist/OCS  646-752-7990 “She isn’t in network, but I appreciate her approach combining PT with Osteopathy.”
Ali Malkin MSPT Physical Therapist (212) 490-3800–Near Grand Central Station–“Office was great with our insurance” “She’s smart about the ways that bodies are interconnected, and is very good at what she does. She has a wry New York-y sense of humor, listens carefully and was patient and accommodating. She’s a PT so she can’t officially diagnose a problem, but she had some really good insights into what was going on with my shoulder & wrist that a wrist specialist had overlooked.”
Gerard Cecarelli MD Medical Chiropractor (212)588-13000 Students note that while he is not covered by NYSHIP, he does provide services at a reasonable rate


Dentists (covered by GHI)

Beautiful Smile
DDS Dental Dentistry Practice “They charge a higher co-pay than the [NYSHIP] benefits summary indicates, but offer high-quality dentistry and eat the other costs that our insurance doesn’t cover.”
Craig Gothelf DDS Dental General Dentist 3730 83rd Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
(718) 639-6966
Robert Rosenkranz DDS Dental General Dentist Park Slope Dental
300 Eighth Avenue (entrance on 3rd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-5323 Recommended by current Officer for Health and Wellness, David Nagy.
Edward Zhuo DDS Dental General Dentist (EZ Dental) 132-61 41st Rd, #102
Flushing, NY2
718-886-0860 Very modern office: “Because of his fancy digital x-ray contraption he was able to give me a full set of x-rays at no extra cost.”
-Flexible with other necessary services beyond what NYSHIP covered; eager to help any way he could.
 Concerned Dental Care  DDS  Dental  Dentistry practice  800.583.9285  -Highly recommended

-“From what I’ve seen w/ them so far, they’re nice, know what they’re doing, fast/convenient, etc”

-Multiple locations; range of payment plans for those without insurance.

 Harvey Atlas  DDS  Dental  General dentist  222 W. 14th St, New York, NY  (212)-243-1023.  “He is friendly, gentle, and in network”

*Unfortunately, student-friendly dental office Illustradent has sold its 34th st office to another dental practice; if you check out that new practice (which is on 34th st) and find that it remains student-friendly, let us know!

Eye Care (covered by Davis Vision)

Sharper Vision Eye Care Vision Optometry/glasses/contact lenses 196 Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238;887 Utica Ave.
Between Church Ave. & Snyder Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11203
 718-623-9122 (for Prospect Place office)

718-282-8363 (for Utica office)

“I have seen Dr. Parkin and Dr. Maldonado—both are in-network.”
Michael Ho (of Vision Essential) Vision 3604 30th Ave
Astoria, NY
Sophie Poselle  OD  Vision  binocular vision/pediatrics/therapeutic optometry  Larchmont Eye Associates,
2365 Boston Post Road
Suite 202
Larchmont, NY 10538
 914 834-2020  “Great”

  *For ophthalmologists, see above under “specialists” (ophthalmology is covered under the insurance company that provides medical coverage, which is UnitedHealthcare under the Empire Plan).

Hospitals / clinics / Large-scale practices (regular and emergency care)

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center Recommended services:
—Care Coordination Services
—Health Education, Training and —Outreach
—Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT)
—HIV/AIDS Services
—Lesbian Health
—Mental Health and Social —Services
—Primary Care
—Sexual Health Clinic
—Transgender Health Services
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
356 W 18th St‎,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 271-7200 As of Dec 2012, while under reconstruction, not able to take on new patients for primary care medical services—but, are accepting transgender persons and people living with HIV.
Kings County Hospital Center Recommended services:
Emergency room, trauma/critical care
451 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
General Information:
(718) 245-3131For Appointments:
(718) 245-3325
—”Not that you would generally have much of a choice, but I recommend both Kings County Hospital (Brooklyn) and Mount Sinai (Manhattan) for ER visits or trauma/critical care. I visited both of these in-network hospitals, and everything was paid in accordance with the plan at both.”
Mount Sinai Hospital Recommended services:
GP, OB/GYN, Dermatologist, Surgery
5 E 98th St. #7,
New York, NY 10029
(212) 241-5078 —”I have had a great experience with Mount Sinai Hospital for good GP, gynecologists, and dermatologists. I even had a big surgery last summer and it went super smooth, and I just paid a $10 copay for everything including the MRI. I highly recommend it.”
—”Not that you would generally have much of a choice, but I recommend both Kings County Hospital (Brooklyn) and Mount Sinai (Manhattan) for ER visits or trauma/critical care. I visited both of these in-network hospitals, and everything was paid in accordance with the plan at both.”
—Two student recommendations

Miscellaneous (yoga)

Yoga to the People Recommended services:
Traditional Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga to the People: 38th St.1017 6th Ave., at 38th Street,
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018(The entrance is ON 38th Street at the nail salon sign)
 (917) 573-YOGA (9642) “They provide hot yoga for just $5 an hour!! I have been going there for almost two years and I love it..”

  7 Responses to “Student-Recommended NYSHIP Providers”


    Andrea Persaud is no longer with that group. I tried looking her up for a new location, but all my searches ended with the same answer. “She no longer works here.”


    All the dermatologists on this list seem to be out-of-network now.


    Are student recommending Illustradent for general dental stuff like cleanings and fillings (which is what I’m looking for)? I looked them up and their website is really oriented toward cosmetic dentistry which I would imagine our insurance doesn’t even cover…


      The website does make it confusing–but, yes, they definitely do fillings and cleanings, and they make a real effort to ensure that it’s all within the limits of our insurance, as far as is possible. If you need something not covered by GHI (the company that provides dental coverage for NYSHIP) they will try to provide that at a discounted rate. Just make sure to let them know that you’re from the Grad Center.


    Loren Fishman also has an office @ 1841 Broadway (on Columbus Circle). Patients must choose/remain with one office location only.

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