Sliding scale providers


Here is a list of sliding scale providers recommended by GC students (and there are more providers who are not covered by NYSHIP but who are sensitive to grad student needs and budgets over on the “Student-Recommended Providers” page).

Know one you like yourself? Let us know via “Recommend a Doctor” form or the Health and Wellness email:

For counseling services:
Institute for the Psychotherapies:

250 W 57th
St Suite 501


Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy: Offers full-time students a rate of $25 per psychotherapy session.
Some more information from their website,

Clients in our low-fee clinic see licensed professionals who are in our advanced clinical training programs, and sessions are videotaped for supervision.
One-time intake fee: $35/$50 Couples
Full-time Student fee, for appts. before 5pm: $25
Individual Therapy: $35
Couples Therapy: $50
*Individual & Couples therapy fees are raised annually by $5 per session, with a ceiling of $50 for individual therapy and $65 for couples therapy.Moreover, GAP graduates “will see clients on a sliding scale basis, and are providers for a wide range of managed care mental health plans.”

See attached flyer below for more details

Crisis text line:

Text START to 741-741

For dental services
NYU College of Dentistry: Since NYUCD focuses primarily on education and research, they offer services at lower fees than most private practices in the area. Diagnosis and treatment is provided by dental students under the supervision of NYU College of Dentistry faculty. For more information about the services they provide (which range from general dentistry to pediatric dentistry and oral/maxillofacial surgery to orthodontics), see their website:

345 E. 24th Street (corner of First Avenue) in Manhattan.

For Emergency Services/Urgent Care, please call
(212) 998-9458.

To schedule your first appointment, please call
(212) 998-9800.  (for scheduling pediatric appointments, call (212) 998-9650)

 New York City College of Technology: Good for basic dental cleanings and optometry. They do dental cleanings and x-rays for ~$15, and provide a report listing any work (fillings, etc) that need to be done, decreasing the chance of being overcharged for unnecessary work at dentists. They also have an optometry program with low-cost glasses. For more information about the services they provide, see their website:

Pearl Building, second floor, 300 Jay Street, Brooklyn (part of the NYCCT campus)


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