Aug 212012

For those CUNY doctoral and masters students who take classes or teach at Hunter—there’s a new smoking policy coming into effect with the start of this new semester:

“On Monday, August 27, 2012, all Hunter campuses will be tobacco-free. This new policy, implemented by the CUNY Board of Trustees in January 2011, states that smoking and the use of tobacco products will be strictly prohibited on college grounds and facilities, both indoors and outside. The new Hunter College tobacco policy reads as follows:

“Beginning in Fall 2012, smoking and tobacco use, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited in all areas, including indoor, outdoor, and vehicles, that are owned, leased, operated, or maintained by Hunter College.  There is no sale of cigarettes, cigars, chewing, or pipe tobacco at any facility, location, or vending machine owned, leased, operated, or maintained by Hunter College or its contractors.”

This policy has been revised for the benefit and safety of all members of the Hunter College community. We anticipate a smooth implementation of this policy throughout the course of the year and are looking forward to working with our neighbors and internal constituents to create a healthier environment on campus. Hunter College respects an individual’s right to use tobacco; however, in accordance with CUNY policy, we must strictly discourage tobacco use on college property.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this period of transition. Please contact with any questions or concerns.”

Leonard Zinnanti, Acting Chief Operating Officer

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