Navigating NYSHIP


The New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), Student Employee Health Plan, can be insanely confusing. Our NYSHIP pages aim to demystify your benefits and coverage, and help you to avoid or deal with any problems that may come up when using your insurance.

Check out the Navigating NYSHIP presentation below,
created for the joint DSC Health & Wellness / Adjunct Project
NYSHIP Student-led Workshop
  • Who provides which service? Most doctors have never heard of NYSHIP—that’s because your benefits are administered for NYSHIP by a variety of different service providers. We’ve got a full breakdown of which company handles which benefit.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls: Find tips to help you avoid incurring unexpected costs and negotiate your way around NYSHIP difficulties—plus info on what to do if you get a surprise bill or need help with disputing a charge. And, if you’ve got any tips of your own that you’ve discovered, we’d love to know!
What is NYSHIP’s SEHP?

This plan was agreed upon by the State of New York and the Graduate Student Employee Union of SUNY, as part of a larger series of negotiations by SUNY’s GSEU; as a result of the labor of Graduate Center students advocating for their inclusion in this plan (previously, GC students had primarily relied on the Wellness Center for healthcare), CUNY Graduate Center students were later grandfathered into SEHP. The SEHP contract in this agreement, which delineates what services will and will not be covered, can be found here, in Clause 6 (page 6).

NYSHIP presentation for the joint DSC Health & Wellness / Adjunct Project NYSHIP Student-led Workshop (2019)

The workshop slides can be found here.

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    […] is a great online resource for navigating health-related matters as a grad student, and I find this guide on how to navigate NYSHIP (if you are insured through the GC or Cuny, this is your health insurance) very useful, especially […]

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