Apr 292016

You’re not alone. Submit your mental health narrative at the link below.
Mental Health Narratives Google form
These mental health narratives can be about your experiences with mental illness, with getting help for mental illness, and/or with dealing with insurance for mental health and substance abuse issues; they can be about positive experiences of receiving the mental healthcare you needed as well as the negative effects of not having access to mental healthcare.

The DSC Health and Wellness Committee hopes to share these stories on a website and possibly on some digital signs about what psychological/mental health issues we as students face at the GC in an effort to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness; they can also help us to communicate to GC/CUNY admins the resources and support we need as a community. Please let us know if you would not like your stories shared on a website or digital sign.

For more information: https://opencuny.org/healthdsc/theres-an-awful-cost-to-getting-a-phd-that-no-one-talks-about-so-lets-talk-about-it/

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