Help, to get healthier


Why help? Because it improves others’ lives—and your health

Research shows significant health benefits to volunteering. “The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research has found a significant connection between volunteering and good health. The report shows that volunteers have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease.” (Corporation for National & Community Service)

What can you do?

Register as an organ donor, and save lives! (1-866-NY-DONOR)

With more than 8,000 New Yorkers still on waiting lists, the need for organ donations far exceeds the supply. One person who donates organs (hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and intestines) can save up to eight lives; while a tissue donor (corneas, National Bone Marrow Registrybone, skin, heart valves, tendons, veins, etc.) can improve 12 or more lives, by restoring eyesight, helping fight infections in burn patients, and preventing the loss of mobility and disability.

Be the Match: Join the National Bone Marrow Registry

Thousands of patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases depend on the Be The Match Registry® to find a match to save their life. Patients need donors who are a genetic match. Even with a registry of millions, many patients cannot find a match. Donors with diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds are especially needed.

Volunteer at NYC Parks

Partnerships for Parks, a joint initiative of City Parks Foundation and NYC Parks, is coordinating a listing of open-to-the-public, weekend volunteer projects  that will begin in mid-March and continue throughout the season across the five boroughs. These projects will be led by various divisions of NYC Parks, as well as by community organizations, offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities including painting, planting, and clearing debris, some of which may be related to Hurricane Sandy recovery.

CUNY Design for UNICEF Challenge

Take the Challenge and win a chance to work with UNICEF in the field! Improving child survival requires innovative thinking and new approaches in a number of different fields. Every year, 6.9 million children under five die from causes that have known cures. Challenge participants will have the opportunity to connect to UNICEF’s global network of knowledge and partners and gain valuable experience in human development and project design. The three winning teams will travel to a UNICEF program country and implement their proposed solution in the field.

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