CUNY GC Wellness Center & Student Counseling Services


Here are some useful links for finding out more information about the Wellness Center’s health and wellness services, including their counseling services.

DSC-created handouts that coordinate with Wellness Center workshops:

DSC Steering members have put together handouts that go along with specific Wellness Center workshops; these handouts include information about GC community and institutional resources students can use after the workshop.

Getting What You Need from Your Advisor

Getting the Writing Done handout

Impostor Syndrome handout

*note that while some of the names of DSC leadership in these handouts change over time, when new people take positions, the contact emails/positions remain the same!

Posts/handouts on Wellness Center services

Details on Wellness Center Counseling services

Handout on Student Health Services (nurse practitioner services)

Quick links to Wellness Center services
  • Fitness: information on yoga and Pilates classes


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