Dec 182015

Let’s start with the bad news: NYSHIP’s biweekly premiums are going up for 2016. Here are the 2016 rates:

  • $14.09 for individual (used to be $13.06, so going up about a dollar per paycheck); $83.23 for family (used to be $78.01, so going up about 5 dollars per paycheck).
  • COBRA rates are also going up for 2016. Individual: $261 (previously $241). Family: $830 (previously $775).

To add insult to injury: the first time you’ll have money taken out of your check at this new rate is actually in 2015 (your December 24th paycheck). Something to keep in mind.

Some good news: the Finals Relief Salon seemed like it was invigorating to those who came by; even if you missed out on the free chair massages, we still have earplugs and self-care handouts (including one on yoga poses and stretches you can do from your chair).

Aromatherapy handout

Yoga poses at your desk handout

Yoga poses and stretches handout

Self care handout

Moreover, we continue to have safer sex materials available in the DSC office and in program bowls, and the Winter DSC party is this Friday at 8:30pm. There’s also a Pilates class over break if you’re interested; see Elise Perram in Student Affairs to sign up  (in other words, there are multiple options here to help relieve stress, depending on what works for you).


May 082015

Here’s where!

  • The Wellness Center (6422) and the Doctoral Students’ Council Office (5495)
  • In bowls in a variety of program lounges (list here; if these lounge bowls seem empty, please contact me so I can contact your program’s point person).
    • Hey, wait, is your program NOT one with a Safer Sex bowl? Email me (wellness at cunydsc dot org) if you want to sign up for one and be the point person/restocker. Your fellow students will be grateful, I’m sure!

Attached to this email is a list of the safer sex materials we have (penetrative and receptive condoms, dental dams, lubricant, etc); note we also have finger cots.

By the way, if you’re curious about what finger cots are and how to use them, check out this info from Oregon State’s student health center. One student also noted this to me about finger cots: while they are great and compact, they also do not cover the palm of the hand (and you need multiple to cover multiple fingers).

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Mar 202015

Just an FYI: along with a variety of other safer sex material, we now have finger cots in the DSC office (and you can also find them in the Wellness Center, thanks to Health Coordinator Ashley Chastain!).

As spring arrives and the birds and bees come out (well, after it stops snowing), I also want to remind you that if you do not have a bowl in your program, and would like one, come find me in the DSC office and we can set up a bowl for your program. If you have a bowl and it hasn’t been refilled recently, feel free to come up yourself and get some (and also let me know; you may need a new “point person” responsible for supplying your program). We also have some materials in “discreet packaging” if that’s what your program would prefer.

Attached is a list of safer sex materials available in the office.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Dec 052014

Health Education Coordinator Ashley Chastain has made this lovely and handy guide for the Safer Sex Materials available at the Wellness Center. They are also available in the DSC office for you to use in your Safer Sex Material bowls in your lounges (speaking of which…do you need to refill your bowls? Come on up to 5495 when schedule shows that DSC members are in office, and you can get refills).

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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