Oct 072011

Too many New Yorkers have life threatening diseases and don’t even know it. A simple health test for diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, cholesterol, HIV, depression, or breast or prostate cancer can save your life.

This October, visit any of the Take Care NY public education and health screening events to get a flu shot and the health screening tests you (or your family) need at little or no cost.

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Oct 032011

There’s finally some good news in the battle of the PSC (Professional Staff Congress) to save the healthcare of 1,200 CUNY adjuncts, which is currently scheduled to be cut in 2012. The university administration agreed to petition the state for adequate funding of these employees’ health insurance only after a large-scale demonstration by faculty and students last week.

CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein announced that the University will seek funding for adjunct health insurance in its upcoming State budget request.

The announcement marked a milestone in the union’s 11-year campaign to get CUNY to back full permanent funding for adjunct health insurance.

“It’s the first time CUNY has ever moved on adjunct healthcare,” PSC President Barbara Bowen told a jubilant crowd afterward. However, Bowen cautioned that getting CUNY to make adjunct health insurance a budget priority was only a first step. “The next step is to hold them to that priority, to insist that it’s funded by the state. And then the next step, if we succeed with the state, is to negotiate the movement of adjuncts onto full healthcare.”

Bowen added that the union will hold a variety of creative actions at the CUNY campuses in the coming weeks in order to continue building its campaign for adjunct health insurance.

CUNY announces it will seek funding for adjunct healthcare, John Tarleton, Clarion, September 27, 2011

UPDATE: You can listen to Chancellor Goldstein’s comments at the Board of Trustees meeting, here.

Sep 292011
We Are the 99 Percent

We Are the 99 Percent

A new tumblog, We Are the 99 Percent, run by the Occupy Wall Street protest is giving a platform to ordinary Americans battling to make ends meet—many of them students crippled with debt from paying for college and owing huge amounts from health bills, while still unable to afford insurance to protect against worse future health debt.

Another reminder to make sure the 1,200 CUNY adjuncts facing the lost of their health coverage aren’t left without insurance.

My mother has been encouraging me not to see a doctor about a possible blood-clotting disorder as well as anxiety/depression because I will probably denied insurance in a few years if they diagnose me. Not like I’d be able to pay for treatment/meds anyway.

I am a junior in college and probably more than 20k in debt already. I haven’t declared a major because I’m afraid to. The main reason I don’t drop out is because I’m terrified of paying back my bank loans on my $7.25/hr job (even though my last job was $9/hr)…
(We Are the 99 Percent)

Sep 222011

As bedbugs have made a comeback, aided by resistance to pesticides and spread by worldwide travel, scientists have found that panic over the blood-sucking pests may be more dangerous than their bite. Some people are misusing poisonous chemicals in a desperate bid to eradicate the pests, federal officials said Thursday.

Bedbug Panic Often Creates More Danger Than the Bites, New York Times, September 22, 2011

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