OpenCUNY Board

The OpenCUNY Board is elected by and from the OpenCUNY community each academic year. The board consists of six voting members: the three OpenCUNY Coordinators, and four Board Members. The primary task of the OpenCUNY Board is to develop and maintain the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the Board.

Current Board Members

GWEN SHAW (Art History)

Patrick SweeneyPatrick Sweeney is a doctoral candidate in the Psychology program at the Graduate Center, CUNY and a Digital Fellow at the Graduate Center Digital Scholarship Lab. His dissertation explores the complementary application of computer assisted text analysis and discourse analysis to study how scientific theories about the etiology of homosexuality have become part of public discourse and used in arguments to expand or contract the scope of justice. He tweets at @pswee, and his website can be found at

Pamela Thielman is a PhD candidate in the Theatre program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her research focuses on the circulation of scenic designers between the courts of baroque Europe and her dissertation will focus on the Italian artist Baccio del Bianco. Pamela is also interested in the intersections between technology and undergraduate pedagogy and she completed the certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy at the Graduate Center last academic year. She is an adjunct lecturer in the Communication Studies department at Baruch College and a Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow at the New York City College of Technology.

Kalle Westerling is a performance and theatre scholar, currently working a Kalle Westerlingdissertation in the Theatre program concerning male-identified bodies in 20th century burlesque and boylesque. He also co-directs the Scholars project for the The Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC). He is the chair of the Programming committee on the Board of Directors for The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies. He can be found on Twitter at @kallewesterling.

Past Board Members


  • GWEN SHAW a.k.a “gshaw”  (Art History)
  • PATRICK SWEENEY a. k. a. “psweeney” (Psychology)
  • PAMELA THIELMAN a.k.a. “pthielman” (Theatre)
  • KALLE WESTERLING a.k.a. “Kallewesterling” (Theatre)


  • GWEN SHAW a.k.a “gshaw”  (Art History)
  • JEN TANG a.k.a. “jtang” (Environmental Psychology)
  • PAMELA THIELMAN a.k.a. “pthielman” (Theatre)
  • KALLE WESTERLING a.k.a. “Kallewesterling” (Theatre)


  • BEN HABER a.k.a “bhaber”  (Sociology)
  • KRISTIN MORIAH a.k.a. “kmoriah” (English Literature)
  • MONIQUE WHITAKER  a.k.a. “mwhitaker” (Philosophy)
  • KALLE WESTERLING a.k.a. “Kallewesterling” (Theatre)


  • JOHN BOY a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
  • JENNIFER STOOPS a.k.a. “jstoops” (Urban Education)
  • JESSICA MILLER a.k.a. “jmiller1” (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • SAMANTHA KRETMAR a.k.a. “skretmar” (MALS)


  • JOHN BOY a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
  • CHRISTINA NADLER a.k.a. “chrissy” (Sociology)
  • JARED SIMARD a.k.a. “canes” (Classics)
  • SUZANNE TAMANG a.k.a. “stamang” (Computer Science)


  • JOHN BOY a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
  • JEN GIESEKING a.k.a. “jgieseking” (Environmental Psychology)
  • KIERSTEN GREENE a.k.a. “kgreene” (Urban Education)
  • KEITH MIYAKE a.k.a “kmiyake” (Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geography)


  • JOHN BOY a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
  • BORIS DAUSSÁ-PASTOR a.k.a. “bdaussa” (Theatre)
  • JEN GIESEKING a.k.a. “jgieseking” (Environmental Psychology)
  • KEITH MIYAKE a.k.a “kmiyake” (Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geography)

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