Versatile PhD

Versatile PhD is a resource to which The Graduate Center has subscribed for students who are considering non-academic careers after graduation.

Paula Chambers, PhD and founder of the site, explains Versatile PhD’s mission as such: to help humanities and social science PhDs and graduate students identify and prepare for possible non-academic careers.

To that end, the site works to inform members about academic employment realities, to educate them about nonacademic career options, and to support them in preparing for a range of possible careers, so that in the end, PhDs have choices.  The key concept behind the mission is “versatility:  the ability to apply your skills and interests in a wide variety of fields.”

Dr. Chambers notes that though “the name says “PhD,” many of the issues discussed here may be of interest as well to ABDs, MAs, and people from disciplines outside the humanites and social sciences.   All interested parties are welcome.”

The site is comprised of a community that provides a safe, supportive, rich learning environment where nonacademic careers can be discussed positively and constructively. It also contains Panel Discussions, where humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs working in nonacademic careers share their stories and answer questions.

Free, basic access is open to any individual.  Graduate Center students can access the Premium Content areas of the site, after authenticating their account through the GC’s institutional subscription.

HOW TO LOG IN: In order to authenticate your account as a Graduate Center account, you must first log in through the Mina Rees site. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘ premium login’.

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