Fax Machines

May 27th, 2016 | Posted by jrandall in Blog - (0 Comments)

As many of you now know, The Graduate Center, CUNY CITRIX program is ending the Fax program that we can use. While there is no perfect replacement, we have several options. Online sites provide (limited) fax services. An example of this would be: http://www.gotfreefax.com Also, there are several fax machines on campus but access is limited …
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FOIL and Student Data

February 5th, 2016 | Posted by jrandall in Blog - (0 Comments)

Context: On November 18th 2015, the Graduate Center’s Legal Counsel Lynette Phillips, and the IT point-person for FOIL requests Matt Liston held an open info session on how the NYS Freedom of Information Law can impact student data and emails.   Here are the main points that were brought up during this info session:   …
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Please remember that on June 1st 2015, our old email boxes (@gc.cuny.edu) will be deleted, including any emails and other data in those accounts. However, email sent to @gc.cuny.edu accounts will still be redirected to your new @gradcenter.cuny.edu accounts. Nevertheless, we must act now to transfer our old emails and contacts to the new accounts, …
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Listserv issues with #GCEmailSwitch

February 22nd, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (0 Comments)

As the email transition gets into full swing, students have been experiencing issues when emailing GC-associated listservs. Here’s what we know so far, after discussions with IT and with some student groups (note: this information will be updated as the issues evolve): 1. Many GC-associated listservs have the @gc.cuny.edu address, and this address will not …
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Email Switch – Library Update (ILL)

February 14th, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (0 Comments)

Here are directions from the Interlibrary Loan office of the GC library regarding the transition to the new student email addresses. This is a direct excerpt from an email they sent to all students who have an @gc.cuny.edu email address for interlibrary loan notifications. Please direct all questions about this to the ILL office at the …
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Email Forwarding Work-Around (Gmail)

February 9th, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (17 Comments)

Follow these steps to pull email into your personal Gmail account from the @gradcenter.cuny.edu account: Here is how you can get IMAP/POP configurations from your Office 365 account: A1. Sign into your new email (Office 365) with the username and password that IT sent you. Change your password as prompted, if signing on for the first …
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