Email Forwarding Work-Around (Gmail)

February 9th, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (17 Comments)

Follow these steps to pull email into your personal Gmail account from the account: Here is how you can get IMAP/POP configurations from your Office 365 account: A1. Sign into your new email (Office 365) with the username and password that IT sent you. Change your password as prompted, if signing on for the first …
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As many of you may know, the GC IT department used to lend out technology (laptops, camcorders, digital flip recorders, etc.) to GC students from their help desk in the library. This tech was bought by Student Tech Fee money. IT has now discontinued lending this equipment. The library staff were generous enough to pick …
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Email Change Tips & Tricks

January 23rd, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (0 Comments)

The transition to a new email address will be frustrating, but here are some tips to make the process a little less so: 1. Update your: CVs, business cards, websites, any profiles on LinkedIn or, any professional associations you are a part of, etc. 2. When you send emails from either your old or new …
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December 29, 2014   Dear Vice Chancellor Cohen, I am writing to you in my capacity as the Officer for Library & Technology at the Doctoral Students’ Council at the Graduate Center. As you may well know, the Graduate Center is in the process of migrating all student email accounts to the Office 365 email …
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Due to the implementation of new email addresses for GC students, many students who payed for business cards now find them to be outdated, and expressed concerns about this. The DSC has worked with IT and the Print Shop (supervised by John Flaherty) on this matter, and there is good news. The GC will pick …
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GC Email Change FAQ

January 23rd, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog - (2 Comments)

Email changes and Office 365 FAQ – UPDATED Created by DSC Officer for Library and Technology – Hamad Sindhi (library (at) cunydsc (dot) org) Please note that the following FAQ is not an official GC IT document, but is reflective of the latest information the DSC has from IT. This information may change, and the …
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