New Site, New Officer

March 20th, 2014 | Posted by Roxanne in Blog - (0 Comments)

The origins of this blog go back to at least 2010, when it was created by the Officer for Technology & Library to fill a need for more centralized information about the technology and library services available to GC students. It has served as a home for institutional memory as DSC officers come and go, …
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In November, a highly controversial policy that compromises free speech on CUNY campuses will be up for vote by the CUNY Board of Trustees. This Body is not rrepresentative of CUNY students or faculty in voice or vote. Over the last few years, they have passed numerous policies misaligned with the goal of the CUNY …
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The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Special Issue: Media and Methods for Opening Education web link for more information Deadline for submissions: Oct. 20th Editors: Gregory T. Donovan and Suzanne Tamang JITP welcomes work that explores critical and creative uses of interactive technology in teaching, learning, and research. For Issue 5, we are seeking …
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The Trouble With MOOCS

June 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Kristin Moriah in Blog - (0 Comments)

In Assessing Coursera, the LMS | Bloviate, Baruch College’s Luke Waltzer writes that The most troubling aspect of the MOOC hype has been how quickly this approach to teaching and learning with technology has been seen by a variety of constituencies as a tool/excuse for slashing public funding for higher education, for “doing more with less,” …
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The Student Tech Fee is designed to provide funds for technology that enhance the learning environment or facilitate research for students and faculty at the Graduate Center. The CUNY-wide ETI `tax’ is a bundle of software and infra-structure related charges that for the most part is undergraduate focused (Blackboard and advisement software) and irrelevant to …
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