Brooklyn College’s Prof. David Arnow outlines many of the problems with the CUNY First system, soon to be implemented at the GC. Some of the scarier implications apparently include the fact that CUNY Central pursued CUNY in order to gain “absolute control over all college activity, including curriculum. For example, whoever controls the catalog, the …
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Women in STEM is creating a student data hub on OpenCUNY! Why? Because the process of collecting data can be costly and time prohibitive. Sample data sets also provide a great way to learn statistics, visualization and other data heavy software tools. So, if you’ve collected an interesting data set that you think other students …
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The New York Women in Mathematics and Computing network and workshops aim to foster mentoring and collaboration among female faculty and Ph.D students at CUNY and New York metropolitan area. The workshops will address three aspects of academic careers: teaching, research (publication & grant), and leadership. The workshop is going to take place on May 10th, …
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Scared of the Mac Media Lab?

January 27th, 2012 | Posted by Tricia in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Interested in using the Mac Media Lab (located in C196.01), but scared you don’t know how to use the programs correctly? No worries! The Mac Media Lab includes its own library of User’s Manuals.  

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