Listserv issues with #GCEmailSwitch

February 22nd, 2015 | Posted by hsindhi in Blog

As the email transition gets into full swing, students have been experiencing issues when emailing GC-associated listservs. Here’s what we know so far, after discussions with IT and with some student groups (note: this information will be updated as the issues evolve):

1. Many GC-associated listservs have the address, and this address will not change, according to IT.

2. When emailing to your listservs, you have to send emails from the email address you registered on the listserv with. Hence, if you registered on a listserv with your account, you need to send emails from that account; if you send emails from your account, the email will not be delivered. You may, of course, change your email address on any particular listserv (see #3 below). however, we have heard from some listserv managers that the email addresses are for some reason not being accepted by the CUNY listserv system; IT knows about this issue and is working on a solution. For now, send an email from your legacy GC email account to GC-associated listservs. (<- This issue has now been resolved.)

3. Right now, you may need to manually change your email address for each listserv you are on, if you registered on those listservs with your email address (but wait until issue #2 above is resolved). Here is how to manually change your email address on GC-associated listservs:

A. Go to:

B. If you have not yet registered on (or forgotten your password), click ‘get a new listserv password’, otherwise, log into the listserv system. Remember to log into/register for the system with your email address because it is the listservs that you’ve subscribed to with that email address that you want to re-set.

C. Once logged in, click on Subscriber’s Corner where you’ll see a My Lists tab. These are all the lists you’ve subscribed to with your email address.

D. Click on Settings on any list name, change your email address and click on Update Options. The system will not change your email address immediately, but will send a confirmation email to your new email address. Follow-through with that email.

E. Repeat  step D for all the lists you’ve subscribed to.

We have asked GC IT to look into possible solutions to manually changing your email address for all the lists you’re on, so that students can more efficiently manage their listserv subscriptions (updating every single listserv you are on manually may be a pain). Note that, according to IT, the server which handles GC listservs is hosted by CUNY CIS and is not physically located at the GC. If you have found a way to manage your listserv subscriptions more efficiently and would like to share this information with other students, please email library (at) cunydsc (dot) org, or simply comment below.

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