Visiting Scholars

The ELI hosts scholars from around the world who are involved in documentation, description, analysis, and teaching of endangered languages. Here you can find out more information about current and past guests of the ELI.


February 2013 – May 2013

John Colarusso – Professor. McMaster University.

Prof. John Colarusso (PhD Harvard 1975), professor of anthropology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario will be visiting the Graduate Center Spring 2013. He has interests in linguistics, historical linguistics, comparative mythology, the size of language, and international relations (culture and nationalism). His geographic interests include Inner Eurasia, especially the Caucasus, and cover both modern and ancient periods. He will be working in New York with native speakers of Kabardian, and related Northwest Caucasian languages.

His publications in phonology & phonetics include:

______ (1994) How to Describe the Sounds of the Northwest Caucasian Languages. In H. Aronson (ed.), Non-Slavic Languages of the USSR, Papers from the Fourth Conference, Columbus, Ohio: Slavica Publishers, pp. 61-113.
____(1992) How Many Consonants does Ubykh Have? in Caucasian Perspectives, B. George Hewitt (ed.). Munich: Lincom Europa, pp. 145-156.
____(1988) The Northwest Caucasian Languages: a Phonological Survey. New York: Garland Publishing
____(1985) Pharyngeals and Pharyngealization. International Journal of American Linguistics 51.4: 366-368.


Ander Egurtzegi – Ph.D. Student. University of the Basque Country.

Ander Egurtzegi is a PhD student from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). He holds a BA in German Philology and another in Basque Philology, both from UPV/EHU, as well as an MA in Linguistics from UPV/EHU and another in Phonetics and Phonology from CCHS-CSIC. His primary research centers on the sound patterns of the Basque languages, with a central focus on diachronic phonology and the analysis of phonetic/phonological processes. Ander is currently writing his dissertation on the historical phonology of the Basque language under the supervision of Joseba Lakarra (UPV/EHU) and Juliette Blevins (CUNY).

His recent publications include:

 _____2012, “Euskal metatesiak: abiaburua haien ikerketarako”  [“Basque metatheses: starting point for their research”], International Journal of Basque Linguistics and Philology [ASJU] 45.
 _____, 2013a, “Phonetics and Phonology”, in M. Martínez-Areta (ed.), Basque and Proto-Basque. Language-Internal and Typological Approaches to Linguistic Reconstruction [Mikroglottika 5], Bern: Peter Lang.
 _____, 2013b, “Diferentes tipos de aspiración en vasco (con análisis espectrales del dialecto suletino actual)” [“Different kinds of aspirations in Basque (with spectral analyses of the modern Souletin dialect)”], in E. Blasco & A. Nocentini (eds.), Iberia and Sardinia. From the Mesolithic Period to the Late Bronze Age: Linguistic, Genetic, and Archaeological Links, Firenze: Le Monnier (in press).
 Ariztimuño, B. & A. Egurtzegi, 2012, “Enarak, elaiak eta testuinguruaren garrantzia” [“Enarak, elaiak [swallows] and the importance of the context”], International Journal of Basque Linguistics and Philology [ASJU] 45.
 Egurtzegi, A. & G. Elordieta, 2013, “Euskal azentueren historiaz” [“On the History of Basque Accentuation”], Paper read at the 3rd Conference of the Luis Michelena Chair (in press).

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