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Quechua speakers in NYC Preserve their Language

Elva Jimenez has spent her life giving her native language of Quechua a foothold here in NYC. When she searched the NY Public Library for books on Quechua, she was angered to find only one in the catalog. Since then she has worked to give the language more exposure, by working with linguists at NYU and increasing the language’s visibility in the city through social events.

Juliette Blevins and Daniel Kaufman were asked to give their view on the fate of Quechua in Peru and Bolivia in this article by Gwynne Hogan. Check out the entire article here at Voices of NY.

Scientific American – Terms of Engulfment

The Scientific American takes up climate change and its potential impact on language change and extinction in the Marshall Islands.

Terms of Engulfment: “Changes in the Skies” Alter and Raise Concerns about the Longevity of Pacific Island Languages

Norwegian Aftenposten Innsikt interviews ELI

Norwegian website features an article on documenting languages in NYC, interviewing Juliette Blevins and Daniel Kaufman.

Verdens lingvistiske episenter. 

Travel + Leisure interviews ELI Director Juliette Blevins

Travel + Leisure’s Barbara Ascher questions whether the tourist industry can save the languages of indigenous populations around the world. Read more on their website.

Mexico’s Mayan Beach Resort

Indian Country features the Yurok Project

A tribute to the work of Archie Thompson and the Yurok Project, which was established in collaboration with Juliette Blevins at UC Berkeley.

How Archie Thompson Saved the Yurok Language