Education Matters was born from a number of conversations in and out of academic institutions, from the CUNY Graduate Center to the Free University of NYC, and many places in between.

The hope is to generate an archive of imagination. Of possibilities and visions for education beyond neoliberal narratives of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), standardized testing, centralized bureaucratic control of curricula, and precarious adjuncts.

This is an open invitation to be idealistic. What would education look like if we could bracket economic factors? If we could pause for just a moment to reflect upon what it is we are fighting for? Rather than putting student debt or tuition at the forefront of our thought, what would education be if all of these could magically disappear? What possibilities might open up by participating in such a collective thought experiment? In an effort to move beyond critique and into creation, while understanding that the two are actually inseparable, it might be useful to consider what educational experiences you have found fruitful, satisfying, inspiring and/or galvanizing. Think about what delights, excites, and incites you.

The question is simple: Why does education matter? Feel free to interpret liberally, radically, heretically, literally, figuratively, tangentially, wildly. Choose a medium of expression that feels right. Please, be honest and respectful.

Click “Respond” to contribute. It may take a few days for your post to appear. Email multimedia submissions directly to danicasavonick@gmail.com.