3 X 50$ Poster Award @ GC’s First Interdisciplinary Science Student Conference

Women in STEM will be sponsoring three best poster awards at GC’s Interdisciplinary Science Student Conference by a female student at CUNY.  If you are interested in entering your poster, please be sure to submit your poster’s abstract by March 15th and register for the conference.  If you’re not entering a submission, but would like to help judge please contact us.

AWIS Educational Awards for travel for professional development

The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) has announced the 2012 AWIS  Educational Awards to support travel for professional development,  broadly defined. We particularly wish to encourage early-career  scientists. Individuals may request funding to attend a conference, to  acquire specialized training, or to pursue professional development in  other ways that take them from home.

Due date: All materials, including the Letter of Recommendation, must  be submitted by December 31, 2011 for awards that will be available in  March of 2012.  Recipients will be notified via e-mail by February 28,  2012 (Please note: there will be a second awards cycle in 2012, so  check back at a later date for the next due date and  details on how you can apply.)

Award amount: Awards are $1,000 to $3,000. The maximum to be awarded  is $3,000.

More information can be found here.

Making Sure that Academia Includes You

Please join the CUNY Women in STEM organization (Graduate Center) and the Gender Equity Project (Hunter College) for a lecture, professional development workshop, and reception at the CUNY Graduate Center:

“Making Sure that Academia Includes You”

* * *

Sabrica Barnett

PhD student in Social-Personality Psychology

Dr. Virginia Valian

Professor in Linguistics, Biopsychology, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, and Co-Director of the Gender Equity Project

* * *

This session will be in two parts.  In the first part we will report original research on the characteristics of people who win prizes and awards.  In the second part we will have a workshop on creating a circle of advisors (instead of relying on a single mentor) and how to profit from conferences.

Please join us after the workshop for a reception to celebrate the end of the semester!

All are welcome!

* * *

Friday May 14th

Lecture & Workshop from 2-4pm

Reception from 4-5pm

Room 5409, CUNY Graduate Center

* * *

Please contact Jillian De Gezelle from CUNY Women in STEM for more information at: JDe_Gezelle@gc.cuny.edu

CUNY’s Women of Science

Check out the article on Women of Science from CUNY Newswire

“The inspiration [CUNY female science professors] provide to the University, with its 60 percent female student body, is clear. In an effort to spread the word about these faculty members and their ongoing, important work in labs and with accomplished students year-round at all CUNY colleges, the University is spotlighting its women scientists on its web pages and on posters headlined “Breaking Boundaries in Science Research.””