Free University Counter-Classes to follow General David Petraeus’s CUNY Course: Kick-off 9/16

Join the Free University for the first in a biweekly series of “Counter-Classes” to immediately follow General David Petraeus’s course, “Are We on the Threshold of the North American Decade?” at Macaulay Honors College/CUNY. We intend to counter his course with critical education of our own.

For Monday, September 16, we will host a 6pm dialogue on the conflict in Syria, shifting plans for imperialist interventions, and how we can oppose U.S. empire abroad and the militarization of our schools at home. Anthony Alessandrini and Rayya El Zein will offer opening remarks.

A 2:30pm demonstration outside Macaulay Honors College (67th Street between Columbus Ave and Central Park West) will precede our kick-off event.

Data and Time: Biweekly starting Monday, starting 9/16 from 6-8PM

Location: 67th Street and Central Park West, inside entrance to Sheep Meadow, Manhattan NY (trains: B/C to 72nd st, 1 to 66th-Lincoln Center)

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