Freedom of speech on YOUR campus, an alarming proposal by the CUNY’s Board of Trustees.

In November, a highly controversial policy that compromises free speech on CUNY campuses will be up for vote by the CUNY Board of Trustees.  This Body is not rrepresentative of CUNY students or faculty in voice or vote.  Over the last few years, they have passed numerous policies misaligned with the goal of the CUNY to provide affordable, high quality college education to the People of New York.  Now, freedom of expression, is in question.  The proposed policy will significantly limit the ability of students and faculty to protest tuition hikes, curriculum changes, and more.  Violation of this policy is subject to punishment, including disbandment form the institution as a whole.

The good news is that students, faculty and staff have been doing outstanding work rallying the community around these issues:

+  Currently, there are almost 1,00 signatures on a petition.  Please sign and share widely:

+  At the October meeting, the Doctoral Students’ Council unanimously passed a Resolution Against the “CUNY Policy on Expressive Activity”.  Also, there are an number of events being organized on CUNY campuses.

+  Over the next three week, there are a number of events planned leading up to the November Board of Trustees Meeting.  These events are a great way to get involved in any capacity.  See below for more details.

CUNY students, faculty, and staff can play an invaluable role to join these upcoming events, sign the petition, share testimonies at the Nov 18 BoT public hearing, and build for the Nov 25 city-wide mobilization.  On a chilling note, the potential passage of this “Policy on Expressive Activity” may send a message to all NYC schools to stifle our abilities to free speech, assembly, and exchange of materials.  Please reply with how you can offer concrete support via events participation/arts materials/public writing/social media/flyering/campus & community outreach & mobilization/etc.  CUNY folks urgently need your solidarity at this time.

Upcoming Events

Defense (N4-8) 2 suspended CCNY student organizersare scheduled for disciplinary hearings on Friday, Nov 8th.

There is a 9am rally, an hour before their hearings begin, at City College in front of the North Academic Center.  More info here:

Education (N11-15)– Students/faculty teach-ins across CUNY (details/dates forthcoming), and several groups will co-host a “Take Back CUNY!”, 4-7pm, event on Friday, Nov 15 at the Graduate Center, RSVP and share:

Action (N18-22) – CUNY Board of Trustees 4pm public hearing on Monday, Nov 18, at Baruch College’s Vertical Campus.Students/faculty speak-outs across CUNY (details/dates forthcoming).

Monday, Nov 25, city-wide mobilization
– Several CUNY student organizations, in dialogue with the PSC, are calling for a CUNY studentswalk-out/PSC members participation:  Early afternoon rally outside CUNY Central offices on 42nd st, march to Madison Square Park for a NYC education convergence, march to Baruch College Vertical Campus for actions inside/outside Board of Trustees 4pm business meeting.

Free University Counter-Classes to follow General David Petraeus’s CUNY Course: Kick-off 9/16

Join the Free University for the first in a biweekly series of “Counter-Classes” to immediately follow General David Petraeus’s course, “Are We on the Threshold of the North American Decade?” at Macaulay Honors College/CUNY. We intend to counter his course with critical education of our own.

For Monday, September 16, we will host a 6pm dialogue on the conflict in Syria, shifting plans for imperialist interventions, and how we can oppose U.S. empire abroad and the militarization of our schools at home. Anthony Alessandrini and Rayya El Zein will offer opening remarks.

A 2:30pm demonstration outside Macaulay Honors College (67th Street between Columbus Ave and Central Park West) will precede our kick-off event.

Data and Time: Biweekly starting Monday, starting 9/16 from 6-8PM

Location: 67th Street and Central Park West, inside entrance to Sheep Meadow, Manhattan NY (trains: B/C to 72nd st, 1 to 66th-Lincoln Center)

Facebook Page:

Data Anywhere Workshop: open data, Linux admin, NoSQL and more!

Location: CUNY Graduate Center
Time: Sat 10-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm
Room: 5409

**Please be sure you have registered below. The building is open, but we will be in an area that requires you check in with security, and show a valid form of ID**

Data Anywhere Workshop: participants will learn how to configure and secure a UNIX server for hosting open (or private) data sets. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for installing a variety of software packages and participants will become familiar with web applications such as nginx, mongodb, and flask. Also, we’ll be covering a bit of Python, and covering some basics of nosql.

This is an intensive workshop is open to participants of any level, including zero! Most important is the desire to learn. The workshop is open to the CUNY community.

More info on Data Anywhere can be found on

Register by submitting the form here.

CUNY Women in STEM Tea Party!

teaparty1Please join us!

There will be basic tea party fare: sandwiches, salads, sweets, tea & lemonade. Also, if you submit your LIR train tickets to the DSC by the 28th, we can cover the cost of travel. You can email me, Stephanie, or Lisa to help out with that process.

This event is generously hosted by Annelies, a former co-chair and GC alum. Please RSVP with her by email, and for the address at annelies [dot] kamran [at] gmail [dot] com

CUNY Women in STEM Tea Party
Date: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 2PM
Place: Brookhaven, NY 11719

New Student Data Repo

CUNY Women in STEM is establishing a CUNY Data Repository that will allow Graduate Center students to share data they’ve collected and release it in the public domain.   Their data server is part of the larger Data Anywhare project that aims to create a participatory data commons.

If you have any interest in sharing a data set that you feel will be of use to others, or helping to develop an maintain the site, please let us know.

Call for Workshop Proposals

Please be sure all proposals are submitted here by August 3oth.

We’d like to thank out member Gulustan Dogan for coming up with the idea for a Women in STEM Workshop Series!  In line with her vision, and consistent with the feedback we’ve received from other members, we’re recommending workshops are accessible to students from any background, and with any level of technical proficiency.

Also, there is a great demand for student workshops in GIS mapping, citation managers, text analysis, network analysis, data visualization, statistical packages and introductory programming.  If you think you might have something to add, even if you don’t see it listed here,  we strongly encourage your proposal!

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Workshop Series

CUNY Women in STEM is planning a workshop series for the 2012-2013 academic year.   Currently, proposed workshops include: Open Source Tools for Network Analysis, Intro to Programming, and A Gentle Intro to R.  If you have an idea for a workshop that isn’t listed, or might be interested in facilitating a session, let us know using the contact form on our website, or find us on Facebook.   All proposed workshops should be suitable for beginners.

Submit a request or provide more information on your workshop proposal in the General Inquiries area.