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Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows Program
Call for Applications  March 2013


The Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) at Cornell NYC
Tech is proud to announce a new and unique postdoctoral
fellowship program aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial efforts in
deep information-based technologies in New York City. The
Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows Program is open to persons with a
PhD in a relevant technological discipline.  The TCII is a
partnership between Technion  Israel Institute of Technology and
Cornell University, selected by the City of New York to bring a
global perspective to graduate-level research and education with
an emphasis on technology transfer, commercialization and
entrepreneurship. As a key part of the new Cornell NYC Tech
campus, TCII aims to grow the tech eco-system in New York City.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows will be provided with a stimulating
environment within TCII in which to work on R&D to transform an
existing or new technological idea into a product. No less important,
the TCII will provide a crucial interface to the emerging New York
City tech eco- system, access to industrial mentors and seasoned
entrepreneurs, connections to the local venture capital and legal
communities, and close proximity to the market itself. Our expectation
is that a successful Fellow will identify a real-world problem
requiring a deep technological solution, implement the solution,
demonstrate its commercial viability and even obtain venture- capital
funding to continue to pursue commercialization. The duration of the
program is one year, but successful Fellows may be funded for a second

Application Procedure

Applications are solicited from persons up to three years after their
graduation with a PhD in an information- or data-processing discipline
relevant to at least one of the following application domains:
Connective Media, Healthier Life and the Built Environment (see
definitions below). A Fellow will receive a competitive salary, a
budget for R&D expenses, a stimulating work environment and the option
to participate in a variety of entrepreneurial training and other
activities on campus. TCII anticipates funding up to 10 Fellows
starting Fall 2013.  To apply, a qualified candidate should submit:

1. CV. In addition to the usual academic content, your CV should
contain a listing of title and date of disclosure of inventions for
which you are (co)-inventor and research institutes at which you
disclosed; list of disclosures for which patents have been filed;
and on which patents are you (co)-inventor; chronological listing
of work experiences including organizations activities and your
job title and responsibilities. The CV should include names of
three relevant references.

2. Research statement (max 3 pages). Describe your current and future
research efforts.  Focus on the real-world problem you are trying
to solve and your approach to solve it.  Describe how your research
could be applied to solve problems in the domains of Connected
Media, Healthier Life and/or the Built Environment and the possible
challenges that could be encountered. Please be as specific as

3. Essay (2 pages). Describe your personal background. Share your
passion, values and vision to apply your research and describe at
least one experience of a problem or situation that you approached

Qualified candidates will be interviewed to determine their fit to the
program, including ability to work in a team, passion for applying
research to real-world needs, entrepreneurial personality and
communication skills. Some preference will be given to applicants with
PhD or postdoctoral experience from Technion or Cornell.


Applications and enquiries should be submitted to by April 15, 2013.  Select candidates will
be interviewed soon after. Decisions will be made no later than May
15, 2013. Fellows are expected to start at TCII, located on the
temporary Cornell NYC Tech campus in Chelsea in New York City, during
September 2013. A second Call is expected to be published in August
2013, with application deadline September 31, 2013, and Fellows
starting on Jan 1, 2014.

Technological Application Domains

The Innovation Fellowship Program covers entrepreneurial efforts
related to the following applications of information processing:

Connective Media: Data mining and analysis in structured and
unstructured online media repositories and social networks. Machine
learning and big data. Media analysis for e- commerce. People-aware
and mobile computing. Media-related software.

Healthier Life: Medical informatics and healthcare information
systems. Data processing in medical devices and instrumentation for
diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Information- based technologies
to improve quality of life. Sensor-based systems for home monitoring
and remote diagnosis.

Built Environment: Comprehensive building design. Building,
infrastructure, and urban scale information processing. Transportation
systems optimization, operation and management.  Sensor- and
data-processing for smart buildings.

The University Student Senate (USS) is pleased to announce their Ernesto Malave Merit and Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino Scholarships competition.

One Merit Scholarship of $1000.00 will be awarded to a Graduate Center student in good academic standing with a 3.5 and above demonstrating outstanding academic and leadership performance under extraordinary circumstances.

The Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino Awards are for Graduate Center students with a disability and / or international students that have at least a 2.5 GPA. One Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino Award of $500.00 shall be awarded to a student with a disability and one to an international student. This scholarship recognizes international students and students with disabilities who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and enthusiastic leadership and service under extraordinary circumstances.

Applicants can apply to only one scholarship per academic year (either the Merit Scholarship or the Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino Scholarship).

All applications must be received by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue – Room 7301– New York, New York 10016, by March 15.
Please see the attachment for scholarship application forms.

· During the current semester in which he/she applies for a scholarship, applicants shall be matriculated students, in active attendance:

o Graduate applicants must be registered for a minimum of three (3) credits.

· Applicants shall also meet the same requirements during the semester which the scholarship is awarded. Therefore, graduating students are not eligible.

· Graduate applicants must have completed a minimum of six (6) credits at a CUNY college and no more than twenty-four (24) credits total. Students of graduate or professional programs with credits requirements of more than 30 credits must have completed a minimum of 12 credits and no more than 80% of the credits required for a degree. (For example, if 90 credits are required for a degree, the student must have no more than 72 credits completed to be eligible.)

· All applicants must be permanent residents, citizens, or NYC residents to apply for any USS scholarship (the only exception being international students).


-Two letters of recommendation indicating evidence of good character, academic achievement, and/or service to the community. At least one of the letters must be from a CUNY faculty member.

-Two original, typed, personal essays of no more than three hundred words each:

1) Three hundred (300) words stating why you would benefit from this scholarship and how do you believe you have earned it.
2) Three hundred (300) words stating your field of interest, current projects, future plans, etc.


-An official letter verifying enrollment of the current academic year.

-The 2013 USS application (2)An official transcript (first semester graduate students must include both graduate and undergraduate transcripts).

q Bursar receipts for the current and upcoming semesters.

q A signed Declaration Form that will enable the college Chief Student Affairs Administrator to verify the applicant’s GPA and credit/enrollment information.


Additional Requirements for International Students:

International students must be in valid F-1 or J-1 immigration status during the semester in which they are applying for the scholarship, and during the semester in which the scholarship is awarded.

International students are required to maintain full-time credit and course-loads.

The following documents must accompany their application packet:

1) I-20
2) A copy of the F1 Visa
3) A copy of the I-94 Card
4) A letter of verification from the International Student Advisor.
5) Form RF 702 * (which can also be found at: )
6) Form W-8BEN * (which can also be found at: )

* Both forms can be found attached to the application or at the links posted above.

Additional Requirements for the USS Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino International Students and Students with Disabilities Scholarship:

Only undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities and/or international students are eligible.

· Applicants to the USS Donald and Mary Ellen Passantino International Students and Students with Disabilities Scholarship must have attained a minimum grade point average of 2.5.

· For students with disabilities, applications shall be accompanied by a letter of verification from the college’s Director of Disability Services.

Additional Requirements for the Ernesto Malave Merit Scholarship:

Applicants to the Merit Scholarship must have attained a 3.5 GPA average

The application is attached and can also obtain at the Student Affairs office, room 7301.

All applications must be received by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue – Room 7301– New York, New York 10016, by March 15.

Potential applicants should review the material carefully. Questions that applicants may have after reviewing the scholarship application and information may be addressed to the Student Affairs office at
Elise M. Perram
Associate Director of Student Affairs and Director of Student Activities
CUNY Graduate Center

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The event is an excellent opportunity to practice communicating your research in a low-stakes environment   When the time comes for that upcoming exam, or conference presentation, you’ll fell much more at ease.   If you’re not presenting, still come to support your peers.

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Snacks, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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