Dominican Studies Group (DSG)

DSG (Dominican Studies group) is an interdisciplinary group at the CUNY Graduate Center that welcomes students and faculty from all departments to share interests, ideas, and information about Dominican culture and its Diaspora. We acknowledge that there has been an increase of students with interest in Dominican studies in the areas of literary criticism, anthropology, sociology and music. Hence, we view that a specialized group in the area of Dominican studies will stimulate the growing interest in the field. Our primary goal is to enhance the study of Dominicans in the United States and to provide a common ground where ideas can start, grow, and be exchanged. The idea emerged from three graduate students of Dominican descent. The three founders stem from different ramifications of graduate studies: Anthropology, Ethnomusicology and Hispanic and Luso Brazilian Literatures and Languages. Therefore, we envision a group that: a) Will provide versatility in intellectual events; b) Will foster an intellectual and social environment of scholars that encourages interactions across disciplines and between faculty and students regarding topics of Dominican studies and culture; c) Will provide support, financial and volunteer, for outside artistic projects.