Thu Feb 17: Visualizing Radical History

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Fri Feb 11: A Time to Stir

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Fri Feb 11: Stories in Reserve

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Thu Feb 10: Palante Siempre Palante: The Young Lords

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Tue Feb 8: Mass Taste

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Mon Feb 8: Pop/Art: On the Convergence of the Avant-garde and Underground Music

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Wed Feb 2: Caesura Keynote: Fred Moten: Liner Notes for “Lick Piece”

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Tue Feb 1: EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts, Issue #6

Introduction by Tim Peterson

Charles Alexander, “Geography/ Geology / Astronomy/ Poetry”

Charles Alexander, “Ordered Fragments (       ) of a Discovered Devotion”

Steve Benson and Jackson Mac Low, “HERE AND NOW / KNOWAIR”

Jackson Mac Low, “Feeling Down Clementi Felt Imposed Upon from Every Direction”

———–  “Our Creativity – Memory was Wrung , was it?”

————-“Our Throng Is Too Much Involved with Dazzle”

Andrew Levy, “Nothing is in Here”

Tony Leuzzi, “An Interview with Kevin Killian”