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WordPress Basics: Video Tutorials & More

Below is a compiled list of video tutorials developed by WordPress to help you plan, design, and customize your website:

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Professional Website Basics: Posting Your Academic Bio & CV

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info This post will guide you through the basics of publishing your academic bio and CV on your own OpenCUNY site. In this tutorial, you will also learn how to activate and use plugins, format a custom menu, and change your basic website settings. At the end, you’ll …

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How to Choose a Theme: 5 Tips

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info Especially when you’re building a new website, you might be thinking a lot about how your site should look. In WordPress, the look of the website is largely governed by its theme (learn more of the WordPress lingo here). With a number of themes available on OpenCUNY …

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I Am In Charge of an Organization–What Next?

–Post originally created by Christina Nadler  for OpenCUNY.info Are you a chair of a DSC Chartered Organization? Are you thinking of starting a DSC Chartered Org? OpenCUNY can support you in the creation of a website for your organization. We can also give you access to a site previously created for your Chartered Org. If …

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OpenCUNY and WordPress Lingo

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info It’s almost impossible not to talk in code (pun-intended) when discussing how websites work. This handout explains some of the terms we often use when speaking about WordPress and OpenCUNY. Open-source: Software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. WordPress is a …

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Welcome to OpenCUNY: 5 Ways to Participate

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info OpenCUNY is a a student-based and student-organized digital, open-source platform. The folks behind it seek to empower students to create content to share and to collaborate. Students on OpenCUNY are participants—not users. They can shape the governance documents and actively take part in the community. Here are five …

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your OpenCUNY Site & Making it Sparkle

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info Following these five tips will help keep your site in tip-top shape!

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About OpenCUNY: What is it, who can use it, and why should YOU use it?

What is OpenCUNY? Who can join? Learn all the answers to your basic questions about OpenCUNY here!

Using a Personal Domain (custom URL) with OpenCUNY

–Post originally created by Margaret Galavan for OpenCUNY.info As a member of the OpenCUNY community, your site will have an OpenCUNY.org address (ex. OpenCUNY.org/yoursitetitle ). However, you can also use a customized URL with your OpenCUNY site (ex. yoursitetitle.com). To create a customizable URL, called a domain name, follow the steps below.

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