Reportback & Resources from Preparing for the Job Search: Building Your Website

On Thursday, March 10th OpenCUNY hosted an event, Preparing for the Job Search: Building Your Website, focusing on the basics of how to create an academic website with a bio and CV. The event was divided into three parts. First, Jennifer Furlong from the GC’s Office of Career Planning and Professional Development walked us through the basics of developing a CV, an academic bio, and some places online you may want to also build your presence, such as and LinkedIn. Slides from Jennifer’s presentation can be viewed below.

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Note that Jennifer Furlong didn’t include these in her slides but noted you might also want to check out Orcid and Google Scholar. You can also access a number of resources through the website for the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development.

Then, the OpenCUNY team walked participants through five OpenCUNY sites to illustrate common practices and various options for building a personal site. Check out the websites below, created by GC students and alumni, that we discussed for ideas on best practices:

Note that all of these students and alumni consented to having their website included in our workshop. If you have positive feedback regarding their websites, feel free to get in touch with them!

Lastly, the OpenCUNY Coordinators guided students in posting their academic bios and CVs on their own websites. In this hands-on portion of the workshop, participants collaborated one-on-one with the OpenCUNY Coordinators and followed a guided tutorial on This tutorial explains in detailed steps methods and considerations for posting your academic bio and CV on your own website. Even if you were unable to make the workshop, we hope that this guide will get you started with your website. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with the OpenCUNY Coordinators about further steps and peruse other posts on, a repository of how-to posts written by the OpenCUNY Coordinators.

For further reading and ideas on the topic, check out these articles and resources that the OpenCUNY Coordinators have compiled from elsewhere on the web and suggest your own in the comments section:

Jennifer Furlong has also co-written many articles on the academic job search on The Chronicle of Higher Education and Chronicle Vitae. Browse through these articles, including one of the most recent, “When the Job Search Seems Hopeless”.

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