OpenCUNY Spring 2016 Welcome; Get Your Program or Organization Connected!

In our welcome to Spring 2016, we’d like to introduce you to some initiatives for this coming spring, as well as remind you of existing support.

  • Academic website-building workshop on Thurs., 3/10, 6-7:30pm. We will be hosting an event in collaboration with Jenny Furlong of The Graduate Center’s Office of Career Planning and Professional Development about building a professional website on OpenCUNY for the academic job search. All students are welcome. Read more about this event & RSVP here.
  • Host an OpenCUNY-sponsored workshop for your Program or Student Organization. This spring, OpenCUNY is piloting an initiative where programs or student organizations can host events geared around setting up or building existing websites on OpenCUNY. OpenCUNY may provide a small budget for food, drinks, or supplies for such an event. Apply here.
  • Hosting a conference at the GC? Get advice from OpenCUNY about how to integrate a website to make all that work easier for you! And have it look awesome, too! Contact
  • We will be hiring… soon! We will be hiring later this spring for the position of OpenCUNY Coordinator of Education and Support, as Maggie Galvan will be graduating. Watch this space for more information, which will also be circulated through the OpenCUNY listserv, the DSC listserv, and other listservs at The Graduate Center, CUNY.
  • Contact us with issues, big and small. As OpenCUNY Coordinators, our role is to make sure that OpenCUNY is running seamlessly so that you can create awesome websites and develop your digital presence. First and foremost, we are here to help you. We want to know what’s going on throughout the network so please reach out to us if you ever have an issue, big or small. You can email all 3 coordinators at, or reach out to one of the coordinators personally.

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