New Terms of Participation

After many months of discussion, voting, more discussion, and then more voting . . . we’re pleased to announce the OpenCUNY Terms of Participation. The Terms of Participation (ToP) are the official governance policy of that all participants must abide by.

The ToP were drafted and unanimously approved by the OpenCUNY Board on 03/24/2011. On 04/15/2011, the draft ToP was approved by a majority of OpenCUNY participants and sent to the DSC Plenary for ratification. On 05/13/2011, the ToP was officially ratified by the DSC Plenary.

The ToP can and will be modified each academic year. Please send any questions, thoughts, or concerns to one of the OpenCUNY Coordinators or a member of the OpenCUNY Board.

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