UPDATE :: OpenCUNY Down for Maintenance

OpenCUNY.org has been successfully transferred to our new server and everyone’s content is safe and sound. As I previously mentioned, you may still experience error messages and inconsistent service over the next 24 hours. This is due to two factors:

  1. The transfer of our domain name (http://opencuny.org) can take anywhere from 24-36 hours to fully update or propagate throughout the Internet. Thus, a number of you may still be accessing the ‘old’ server and receiving the “OpenCUNY.org will be down for maintenance…” message.
  2. Our new server needs to be configured to match the same conditions which were available on our old server. This reconfiguration is in process but, as with #1, these changes may take a little bit of time before fully updating. Thus, while a number of you may be able to access http://opencuny.org and even log in, you may receive the “OpenCUNY.org will be down for maintenance…” message when you try to access your specific OpenCUNY site (e.g. http://opencuny.org/node).

I’ll update everyone once issues 1 & 2 are resolved. In the meantime, please let me know if this delay causes a significant inconvenience for you or your group.

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