profile photoAndrea Rosso Efthymiou is an Associate Professor and Writing Center Director at Hofstra University. Andrea’s work on institutional mission in writing program administration and tutors’ discursive practices has appeared in various edited collections. Andrea’s research interests include sustainable mentorship of undergraduate research through tutor education and facilitating undergraduate students’ civic engagement. She is currently developing a longitudinal assessment plan to measure the impact of writing center tutors’ extended work beyond sessions, looking namely at tutors’ writing center research, conference presentations, and publications as reflective of undergraduate research.

In Fall 2017, Andrea chaired the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) at Hofstra University, welcoming over 400 attendees to 136 different presentations. Andrea regularly mentors tutors’ research and accompanies tutors when they present at national and regional writing center conferences. Her students frequently publish their work in venues like Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric and The Dangling Modifier.

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