let’s talk about LECs

While awareness around the costs of failed traditional forms of homeownership has heightened as a result of the persisting foreclosure crisis, we are alarmed by how little policy attention is being given to supporting and developing alternative models.  To address this lack, and in conjunction with the development of our research program, we are organizing a series of conversations among scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, and community group leaders in which knowledge around permanently affordable and widely accessible forms of homeownership can be shared and advanced.

For instance, one panel might address the under-explored shared equity models like Limited Equity Cooperatives (LECs) and Community Land Trusts (CLTs) that exist in the tension between the continuing demand for homeownership and the acknowledgement of the costs and risks associated with traditional forms.  This conversation is particularly timely insomuch as it coincides with the United Nations “International Year of the Cooperative,” which culminates in November of 2012 in NYC and to which we would like to contribute.   Through these discussions we specifically aim to

Foster the exchange of pertinent information and potentially the formation of productive partnerships across groups that do not typically come together.

Produce a well-rounded assessment of the pros and cons associated with alternative housing models and a website that can be a permanent source of information and ongoing communication between interested actors.

Interested in joining the discussion?  Have a suggestion for a panel?  Please comment!

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