Fall 2012 Course IIndo.Afro.Latin American


EES. 79903 – Indo.Afro.Latinoamerican Geographies of Thought

GC: Fall 2012, Friday’s 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm, Room TBA, CRN 19604, 3 credits, Prof. Luis Barrios

Is there such a thing as a Latin American thought? If so, what are its contours, voices and contents? The purpose of this course is to explore the geographical unit Latin America by surveying some of its vernacular artistic, socio-political, philosophic and psychological knowledge formations. The course will engage with the cultural topographies of Latin America: that intricate web of histories, knowledge, embodiments and affections that layer places and time with meaning. In addition, we will pay close attention to relational forms, such as those of transcendence and solidarity, borders and frontiers, core-periphery relations, hybridity and syncretism. Ultimately the goal of the course is to explore the potential of/for ciphering a unique Latin American ontological, epistemic, and philosophical perspective. Discussions will include topics such as: the legacies of colonialism – othering, the Amer-African identity, the Amerindian view of the world, the rural/agrarian, religious diversity, theology of liberation, psychology of liberation, oppressors-oppressed, imperialism, frontiers and deportation, legacies of the revolutionary struggle and the political violence in the 60s/70s, and the new social movements. Each student will prepare a paper on a topic of his/her interest that will be published in a joint publication supervised by the course Lecturer.

Note: the course, which has been proposed & designed by Latinamerican students at the CG, will be offered in Spanish. However, Spanish is not a requirement, as simultaneous in-class translation will be offered. Everybody is welcomed.