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Author: natureculture

Shawndel Fraser is a Ph.D. Student in Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research is focused on American cultural ideas of nature, environment, sustainability and humanity. Her professional goal is to be an engaging and artistically creative, acerbically witty and clever, yet approachable cultural critic.
She uses the energy and flows of everyday live to inspire her artistic new-media, deliberately non-quantitative approach to cultural change research.

Shawndel's projects all seek to foster what she terms Collective Conscious Consilient Conversation. That is to say, that she seeks to nurture public forums interesting enough for everyday people, academics, students and professionals from different disciplines, fields and perspectives to discuss old ideas in new ways, and to brainstorm new ideas for the use of old places and things with new people.

Shawndel Fraser is the current Organizer of the Annual CUNY Nature, Ecology & Society Colloquium . Under her gentle guidance, the culture and format of the program is currently being expanded and technologically upgraded. Seeking to push beyond the limits of standard research presentations, the new Colloquium format will provide for open-forum interdisciplinary discussion to bridge the scientific, social and pedagogical gaps between Nature, Ecology and Society in academic research.

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