Dear colleagues,

My name is David Nagy, and I’m the new DSC Officer for Health and Wellness this semester. I will do my best to advocate for your health, both physical and mental, and share information that you may find valuable. In that regard, I have a message from the Officer for Student Life and Services; please read it and the attached flyer if you have the time:

Hello Doctoral Student Friends,

New semesters can be tough especially when the world as a whole is messy. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed we have something for you. What follows is a flyer called Everything is Awful and I’m Not Okay. Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed we need a reminder to deal with stuff. I have a copy printed by my desk and it helps.

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If you need, the Wellness Center offers counseling services and has walk-in hours on Mondays from 10:30-11:30AM. More information can be found here. It is okay to need help and reach out.

The Spring semester calendar is filling quickly so keep your eyes on the DSC website, Health and Wellness Officer website, and your email to stay abreast of what the DSC/GC is doing to help you.

And as always the DSC Lounge (5495) has condoms and safer sex supplies, aromatherapy oils, coffee/tea, tampons, and more.

Best Wishes,

Carlos M.