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Trying to use NYSHIP insurance for the first time, or re-enrolling after a gap? Confused about what to tell providers’ offices when they ask for your insurance–or about how to even read that blue-and-white card? Have you been on NYSHIP for a little while, but still have questions about claims, how to find providers, or what steps to take to make sure the procedures you need are covered?

The annual Navigating NYSHIP workshop is back with information about your health insurance options, health and wellness services throughout NYC, how to get the most out of your NYSHIP insurance and avoid common pitfalls, and which doctors come highly recommended by other GC students.  We invite your participation in this workshop, so if you have a NYSHIP area of expertise (or a health insurance area of expertise) that you wish to contribute, please let us know! (wellness(at)cunydsc(dot)org)

Scott Voorhees (NYSHIP liaison) and Elise Perram (contact for non-NYSHIP insurance) will also be on hand to answer specific questions/FAQs about health insurance.

Refreshments will be provided.