The transition to a new email address will be frustrating, but here are some tips to make the process a little less so:

1. Update your: CVs, business cards, websites, any profiles on LinkedIn or, any professional associations you are a part of, etc.

2. When you send emails from either your old or new account, be sure to notify the recipients that your new email address will be and that they should update their records – make this automatic in all your emails by putting it in the signature line.

3. Be sure to update your email address on your new syllabi.

4. Make sure update anyone you’ve sent articles for publication, book reviews, book chapters, or other manuscripts.

5. Turn on the auto-reply (vacation-mode) option on your old account and replace the vacation message with a message directing people to your new email address. (Note – this option may not work once IT starts redirecting emails sent to the old account to the new account, as they may over-ride any forwarding or auto-reply commands.)

6. Change your contact email address for interlibrary loan notifications, either to your new or to a non-GC email address.  To do this, login to your ILL account, and go to Tools>Change Account Information.

7. Change your contact email address for BlackBoard. When logged into BlackBoard, simply click on your name on the top right corner, then click on ‘Tools’, then click on ‘Update email’ and follow through. See pic below for an example.BB_change_email


8. Change your email address on CUNY Portal. Simply log into Portal, and click on ‘My Profile’ on the top right hand corner, and then click ‘Modify’ on the next page.


Got more tips? Send them to library (at) cunydsc (dot) org and they will be shared here.