Every year the Sociology Students Association gets to set the agenda and chair two Executive Committee meetings. The Executive Committee of the Sociology Department usually meets once a month in closed meetings (with two SSA reps present), but the SSA-chaired meeting is open to all students and faculty! We value this opportunity to raise and advance student concerns, and we encourage students to attend and take advantage of this forum.

Here is the agenda for the next meeting:

Open Executive Committee Meeting
Chaired by the Sociology Students Association
Friday, October 24, 1pm-2pm, Sociology Lounge


  1. Introduction (5 mins)
  2. Job Preparation Coordination (10 mins)
  3. Update on Department-appointed Dissertation Committee Member issue (10 mins)
  4. Sociology Department Governance Documents (10 mins)
  5. Next Meeting (10 mins)
  6. Open Student Questions/Concerns (15 mins)

If you’re interested in helping to set the agenda for next term’s meeting, please attend SSA meetings.