It was a moment so serendipitous that it seemed out of fiction – Jumanji perhaps. I was busy procrastinating this morning when I noticed that “Banana Spiders” was trending #1 on yahoo. I thought “hmm – I’m hungry, I’d like a banana”.

My wife wakes and leaves early and we have gotten into the habit of sharing a banana in the morning.  She cuts, or breaks off half and leaves the other half for me. I know – it’s a little odd – but true.

I wandered into the kitchen to help myself to said banana half, and that’s when I noticed the odd cocoons on my banana!

Banana Spider!
Banana Spider!
Banana Spider Close up
Close up…

Luckily they don’t look like the deadly Brazilian Banana Spider, but still it’s gross.

I am not eating that banana (if you are wondering I ate a piece of cheese instead).

Then I put the banana in a clear plastic bag – let’s see what hatches!