In the past few years, May 1 has been a day where many students have rallied around rethinking education. This year, as an affinity event to all the organizing in the streets, we invite you to join with OpenCUNY to flood the digital streams on May Day to share short thoughts & long reflections on questions like:

Why does free/r education matter?
What positive role can open source technology play in freeing education?
How can we re/imagine education?
What is the relation between formal and informal education?

We’ll aggregate links to participants’ thoughts & reflections here at Our aim is to create a public space where people can find, share, and discuss our participants’ views on the role of education in today’s socioeconomic environment.

Three Ways to Participate:

  1. On OpenCUNY!
    Write a public post tagged mayday and publish it on your OpenCUNY site.
  2. On Twitter!
    Tweet a link and/or thoughts with the hashtag #mayday at OpenCUNY.
  3. Participate on this site in collaborative statements or by submitting a mayday link through the contact form.

To find out more about OpenCUNY, the student organized, open-source, social media for the CUNY Graduate Center community, click here.