The Doctoral Students Council is holding elections to the OpenCUNY Governance Committee. OpenCUNY users can vote by following this link, where you login in and select up to four candidates to join the OpenCUNY Coordinator in developing the terms of participation.

I began my relationship with OpenCUNY two years ago when I created this site for my research. I also created another site to be a public HUB for members of the Nature Ecology Society Network. At times I have pushed the boundaries of what is possible via the OpenCUNY / free wordpress platform such as memory, media upload and template limitations; while at other times I have been completely impressed by pre-exisiting functionality that met or exceeded my needs, such as the Event Registration form functionality. As a frequent aOpenCUNY user and advocate, I have many grounded ideas to increase its usability and public profile.

I welcome the opportunity to build upon th efforts of the early OpenCUNY pioneers by supporting, guiding and advocating for its strategic development.

If you are an OpenCUNY user, cast your vote here!


Shawndel Fraser

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