Green Room improvements

I want to point out some of the recent improvements in the equipment for Theatre PhD students. The Green Room has now a fourth computer,  a scanner, the printer can handle properly double-sided printing, there are surge protectors that provide additional outlets for our laptops, all the PCs for students have Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, and the computer in the Annex has Skype that allows international calling (we are considering providing a webcam for that computer too).

Boris Daussà-Pastor, DTSA President


  • March 04, 2010 –  Professionalization Workshop: Funding

Please come to this Workshop, which will provide with valuable information and resources for funding for your research and during your student life at the PhD program. Thrusday March 4th at 4:15 – 6:15 pm in the Green Room.

  • March 04, 2010 –  DTSA Happy Hour

Come to the DTSA Happy Hour at Slattery’s after the Professionalziation Workshop (Happy Hour starting at 6:15 pm). More information at: DTSA Happy Hours


The Elections Process is already starting. Nominations for DTSA Positions start today and will close on March 15th at 8:00 am. You can find an updated description of position at: http://opencuny.org/dtsa/dtsa-board/dtsa-positions/

Students in the program will soon receive an email with instructions for the Nominations.



Upcoming Events

(Check the Calendar)

  • Thursday March 4, 4:15 pm: Professionalization Workshop.
  • Thursday March 4, 6:15 pm: DTSA Happy Hour.
  • Friday March 5th: The Theatre PhD Program Curriculum and Exams Committee meets
  • Thursday March 11th: DTSA Theatre Outing The Duchess of Malfi